AlliCat Online v4 upgrade brings big boosts for branches and customers

New user interface, streamlined admin process and part images among improvements

Our latest version of AlliCat Online brings a raft of improvements for both our branch teams and our customers.

V4 was rolled out last month and branch teams are currently receiving training sessions on the workings and its benefits.

Among the benefits for customers is the ability to view images for parts, to order out of hours and to access the system remotely.

The user interface has also had a refresh, bringing it much closer to the design and functionality of the system used by our branch teams.

Regional Business Integrations Director Nigel Rodgers, who has been delivering the branch training, said: “Versions two and three of AlliCat Online were great, but they relied on us being able to get out and train customers on the system in person.

“Now that the system is much more similar to the one we use internally, it means our branch teams can train and troubleshoot for their customers without being on site.”

A brand new function is AlliCat incoming orders, which allows messages to be passed straight into the branch AlliCat, from the customer using AlliCat-online. The two main uses are:

• A customer can order a part that is not available in the branch, but is available within the RDC cluster, so that a Sales Advisor can process the IBT as per a normal telephone order.
• A customer can enter free text, such “Please send a service kit for Registration number… ”, for the Sales Advisor to process.

The upgrade also marks another step in our journey to improving how we support the network.

“DDS developed a completely new online admin centre that our Branch Support Team can use to create new and additional users for customers,” said Nigel.

“The Branch Support Team taking on this process is part of our ongoing work to streamline processes previously done by multiple teams, making the team a one-stop shop for everyday processes and queries.”


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