Automotive bulb performance upgrades provide unique sales opportunity for factors

OSRAM's new products and merchandising materials have been designed to increase sales opportunities for factors and garages.

OSRAM releases point of sale (POS) materials for factors and garages to stock latest products and upgrades.

OSRAM, the global automotive aftermarket lighting brand, has released a series of product upgrades and POS materials to support factors and garages, all of which are available from The Parts Alliance.

Lighting and signalling offer some of the most profitable opportunities in the automotive aftermarket, according to the brand.

In a statement, the company explained why their products represented a lucrative sales opportunity for the factors and garages. They said: “OSRAM is able to help garages, workshops and factors supplying and servicing the automotive aftermarket to maximise their profit potential from bulb sales.

“We know a thing or two about lighting.

“At the forefront of traditional and new trends in vehicle lighting, we are experts in the field.

Upgrade alternatives

“The full OSRAM portfolio allows garages and stockists to offer not only the same OSRAM Original Equipment (OE) product that was fitted when the vehicle was built, but also a choice of leading upgrade alternatives.

“Most recently, the relaunched range of PERFORMANCE upgrades – NIGHT BREAKER – allows drivers to maximise light on the road ahead to see further and ultimately be safer as a result.

“To assist garages, workshops and factors in adding value to their businesses, a full range of point of sale materials to stock and present the premium, OE-quality range is available.

Available from The Parts Alliance

“From rotating floor displays to compact counter displays, there is an attractive and organised way to stock, store and display these leading performance upgrade bulbs to suit everyone; all of which are available from The Parts Alliance and its members.

“All of the stands are supplied empty allowing flexibility to choose what bulb portfolio garages and stockists want to offer to their customers.

“Strategically placed, the displays will surely attract impulse buyers.

“‘Offer customers a choice and they are likely to upgrade’ is OSRAM’s motto.

Understanding product differences

“For years now, the tried and tested OSRAM Bulb Menu (available for both Halogen and HID (xenon) lighting technologies) is the perfect tool for understanding the difference between buying and fitting a standard OE bulb, and buying and fitting one that provides brighter, whiter light such as NIGHT BREAKER LASER (next generation) that produces up to 150 per cent more brightness.”

To differentiate between the bulbs on the market today, the Bulb Menu attempts to simplify OSRAM’s bulb offering, allowing consumers to make an informed choice in a bulb that is right for them.

For more details on the OSRAM product portfolio and sales displays, either email the company at or visit the website here.


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