BBC Blackpool celebrates one year with customer open day

Over 100 customers and 17 suppliers attend

The team at BBC Blackpool have boosted sales and strengthened relationships with existing customers through a birthday event they ran at the branch last week.

The branch opened in a purpose-built site this time last year, so the team wanted to commemorate the occasion with a birthday-themed open event.

They had 17 suppliers set up on stands in the branch and its car park, with tool vans, live demos and expert advice about brands including Yuasa, Delphi, Servicesure, GS and more.

LUK were even on hand to man a car park BBQ.

More than 100 customers visited the event, which the team held from 3pm to 8pm on Wednesday.

Branch Manager Glenn Dainty said: “It was a perfect day as the weather was spot on and we were able to put our big car park to great use.

“Some of our customers even brought their children with them too, so the event had a nice family feel to it.

“It went a long way to reaffirming the strength of our relationships with many bigger customers and also gave people who weren’t able to come to our opening event last year the chance to look around the impressive set-up we have at the branch.”

Holding the event gave customers the chance to meet the team they speak to by phone every day and it also offered the team and our supplier partners the chance to promote products in a different environment.

Glenn added: “We’ve had some great feedback from customers and we’re also seeing orders coming off the back of it too.

“Just today we’ve been processing some orders for welding gear that some customers have had demos with following the event.

“We put a lot of hard work into preparing for it and the Marketing team supported us with a flyer we printed on the back of our invoices, which helped to raise awareness alongside our personal invites, calls and visits.”


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