Birmingham IBT driver clocks up 25 years

Image: Bigstock.

Martin Seaward’s passion for VW and automotive industry as strong as ever

When Martin Seaward first joined the business in 1996, it was a passion for Volkswagens that was a deciding factor.

Over the quarter of a century that has since passed, Martin has spent his working days as a Birmingham driver and his rest days tinkering with Volkswagens in various states of disrepair.

Now an IBT driver, Martin continues to clock up the miles on a career that has kept his enthusiasm for the automotive industry alive and kicking.

He said: “I’ve always been into VWs so it was my ideal job really when I joined.

“I’ve had a few VWs over the years at home that I’ve worked on and restored from a shell to being roadworthy, including a Beetle and a camper van that took about three years of work.

“Technology in cars has changed so much over the years and while I still have a Volkswagen Tiguan as my everyday car, I much prefer the older models where you could be more hands-on.”

Martin took his passion for Volkswagens to the next level when he became heavily involved in nationwide car clubs, shows and meetings, a hobby that regularly saw him travelling the length and breadth of the UK.

“I was heavily involved with the British Volkswagen Foundation and Van Fest, and it was great fun doing all the shows, even if it was like having a second job at times,” he said.

“We’d be driving down to places as far away as Cornwall for the weekend to take part in a show and then heading back for work on the Monday, and we’d do about 17 of these a year, so I’ve done a few miles in my time.”


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