Branch operations manager celebrates 30 years with the business

Alan Jagger offers a glimpse in his varied career

Now Branch Operations Manager based at The Fort, Alan is a well-known character who has put a shift in for numerous teams and business units across the UK in his three decades.

“The last few years especially have really flown by because of how much has happened, but I’ve done so much in my time that it’s always kept things interesting for me,” said Alan, pictured blurrily above on the back row, far right with a tie and glasses.

The growth and development of the business over the years has always helped to satisfy Alan’s appetite for challenge and change.

“I joined in retail development right back at the start, but I’ve worked in purchasing, advertising, VeeWeee franchising, branch openings, business integration and more over the years,” he said.

“I’ve been fortunate in that respect, because it’s in my nature to get restless and I’ve always had chances and opportunities to take on new challenges throughout my career here.”

Alan is proud to have made his mark on many milestones throughout the business over the years, but it’s the little things that matter most to him.

Lockdown has prompted Alan to reflect on what he’s enjoyed most about his varied and expansive career to date.

“What I miss most at the moment is seeing people in person. I’ve worked all over the UK through the years, with spells in Portsmouth, Cardiff, Swansea and more, and it’s always the people I’ve worked with that allowed me to enjoy going to so many places,” he said.

“These are strange times, but I’m looking forward to getting back to a point where we can start to see each other in person again, because that’s what I’ve always enjoyed most.”


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