Branches share experience of working life in lockdown

Teams across the network continue to maintaining services during coronavirus pandemic.

Many of our operational processes, resource levels and deliveries have been changed to keep our teams and our customers safe during the crisis, meaning teams had to adapt quickly to these new ways of working.

CPA Lewes General Manager Julian Willis (pictured with the team above) said: “It’s obviously very surreal and everyone has had to adapt in a big way – while the branches around us were temporarily closed we had a huge delivery radius and my team have been absolutely outstanding in how they reacted.

“You can see people’s frustrations with the situation at times but we always pull together and do our best to be here for each other. We try to treat everyone like family and we’re lucky to have team members who are proud to work here.”

The hunt for a routine and a new normal kept CES Caernafon busy in the most severe weeks of the outbreak, but Branch Manager Steve Inch is proud of how his team weathered the storm.

He said: “It was a challenge integrating the three teams into one, but everyone knuckled down and went the extra mile and got through it, so the whole team was fantastic.

One of the biggest challenges branch teams face at present is a customer base that changes by the day.

GSF Heathrow Branch Manager John Marsden said: “The toughest thing is coming in each day and not knowing which customers are going to be open, so it’s a case of answering those inbound calls but also still ringing all those customers who were closed yesterday but might not be today.

“The team are doing a great job of cracking on with everything, whether it’s longer delivery routes to support customers of temporarily closed branches or keeping on top of calls from the general public about parts enquiries and the Click and Collect process.

“Everyone here, from our Drivers and Dispatch to Counters and Sales, as well as Credit Control and Accounts, has risen to the challenge and adapted to this new kind of normal by pulling together.”


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