Cheltenham branches send pizzas to vaccine workers in heart-warming gesture

GMF and GSF teams treat NHS staff delivering vaccine jabs nearby

Two of our Gloucestershire teams pulled together for a heartwarming gesture this week, arranging for lunch to be delivered to their local vaccine centre.

The teams at GMF and GSF Cheltenham raised £200 between them and arranged for pizzas to be delivered to Cheltenham Fire Station, where NHS staff are currently working to vaccinate local residents.

GSF Cheltenham Branch Manager Shaun Dooner said: “The Cheltenham site has given more jabs to the over 80s than anywhere in the UK and we’re really proud of them, so we had a whip round between the two branches to treat all the NHS staff working on site at the fire station.”

The teams got a shout-out on Facebook from Gloucestershire Police and Crime Commissioner Chris Nelson, who was volunteering at the vaccine site at the time.


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