Core-free starters and alternators introduced

Simplified rotating electrics market doesn’t require core management.

The Parts Alliance has introduced a ‘core-free’ range of starter motors and alternators from WAI.

Initially consisting of 93 popular part numbers, the new references will cover 65% of the vehicle parc.

The core free range simplifies the market, removing surcharges and the requirement for garages to return the old unit.

The new range also brings about efficiencies in the handling of warranties and credits for independent garages, as well as saving them time from going online to register their surcharge and core.

Garages simply purchase, fit and then move onto their next job.

The new core free policy also allows Parts Alliance branches to efficiently increase its rotating electrics range and over the next six months, more part numbers will be added to cover a wider vehicle parc.

If a customer requires a part number that’s not stocked in branch, it can still be supplied via WAI’s next day delivery service.

All starter motors and alternators in the range are 100 per cent new, fully tested to meet OE specifications and come with a three-year warranty.

Andy Wilson, product marketing executive at The Parts Alliance, said: “The rotating electrics market has evolved and we recognise the requirement from customers for a core free policy, which will allow garages to focus on other areas of the business.”

All products in WAI’s 2700-strong rotating electrics range undergo stringent validation processes and are triple-tested as they are checked during manufacture, after manufacture and, once they arrive at WAI’s headquarters.

These tests involve salt and temperature testing to enhance corrosion resistance, as well as validation testing, including endurance, humidity, power thermal cycling, vibration and thermal shock.

Poor quality starters and alternators can result in serious consequences for a vehicle’s engine, leading to expensive repair bills and therefore it is recommended to opt for a proven product first time round to avoid bigger costs in the long run.

With WAI, a full technical support service that provides comprehensive advice on fitting procedures and in-service issues is available as standard when ordering each part.

For further information about WAI, click here.


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