CSM Lee goes Dover and above to sign up Servicesure members

Lee Ballard signs-up two additional autocentres for Dover branch

Dover branch is quickly establishing its catchment area as a Servicesure hotspot thanks to several new sign-ups.

In the last month CSM Lee Ballard has signed up two new autocentres to become Servicesure members, showcasing how the programme can benefit two very different garages.

Lee said: “The two garages are different sides of a coin.

“TrustyTec are a fairly new garage who were looking for an association and marketing support, while AT Garage Services are long established and already signed up to a competitor’s service despite spending with us regularly.”

As a new garage, TrustyTec were looking to add credibility to their name and business, which Servicesure and the national warranty it offers could provide.

Opportunities to save money through benefits like business insurance were also a strong selling point, whereas AT Garage Services were swayed by the provision for courtesy cars and wider elements to expand their business.

Lee added: “With TrustyTec there was a lot of contact early on, allowing us to support them in really utilising the offering, and we’ve seen a good uplift in sales since they signed on which is what it is all about.

“AT Garage Services were already good spenders but as they had a tie in with a competitor I shared the full Servicesure offering with them to bring them back on side and minimise the risk of them moving more business away.

“As part of the conversation, it turned out Servicesure offered better value, better marketing, and more elements; it was an easy win.”


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