GMF Birchgrove duo still rolling after 20 years behind the wheel

Drivers celebrate 20-year milestone having started within a week of each other

GMF Birchgrove drivers, Kris Kelly and Paul Hedges joined the company within a week of each other and have been ever-present over the years.

Kris, who started in the warehouse and has also worked as a Sales Advisor, said: “When I joined it was very much a small family business, so you knew the names of not just the people, but their children and pets as well.

“There’s a lot more to remember now.

“The team is always the element of the job that’s kept me here for so long; it’s always been great, which has kept the job enjoyable for me and made it a really good company to work for overall.”

Paul, who also had stints at Westpoint, Roath and Broadway in his two decades with the business, said: “I enjoy it and I always have – everything seems to be a lot faster in how we work now, but that’s no bad thing and it adds to the enjoyment for me.”

The pair both worked throughout the pandemic in 2020 and were quick to cite the branch’s teamwork and spirit as key factors in a challenging year.

“I think we really helped each other through it and we were even still able to make the job enjoyable in those tough circumstances, which says a lot about the team we’ve got here,” said Kris.

Paul added: “Working through the pandemic with the team definitely helped to keep that sense of normality, even in those extraordinary times.”


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