GSF Bradford warehouse operative celebrates 25-year milestone

Mark jones shares his experiences working at GSF Car Parts

GSF Car Parts Bradford RDC warehouse operative, Mark Jones this year celebrates 25 years working with GSF.

Tell us about your career with the company

“I started out as a Driver and continued doing that for almost 20 years, then I moved to the warehouse as a Warehouse Supervisor until recently when Bradford South merged with Central. Now I’m enjoying my new role as a Warehouse Operative.”

What do you enjoy most about your job?

“Everything, in the early days with the company I enjoyed travelling through the countryside as we covered the whole of Yorkshire. I’ve enjoyed working with good people and getting to know our amazing customers.”

What has been the biggest change over the past 25 years?

“Nothing much has changed with regard to driving and warehouse work, except the pace of the industry, but my hairline has changed drastically!”

Any good/funny stories from your time?

“Nothing I think you’d publish…I suppose the time I had and accident in the van and it ended upside down with my all my favourite DVDs strewn all over the road. I had to call the branch from the ambulance to tell them to come gather all my DVDs.”

Any advice for people just starting out their career in the industry?

“Just to enjoy your time, be friendly and build a good relationship with the customers as they are great characters.”

Bradford Sales Manager Tim Jones said: “Mark is the ultimate team player; he can’t do enough for the company. If you need something done then Mark will always go above and beyond to help.

“He’s always happy and is like a ray of sunshine to have around the branch.”


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