GSF Car Parts national distribution centre investment to support growth

President and COO Mark Eburne explains what’s happening behind-the-scenes to support recent growth

With several new branch openings on the cards for the first half of this year, as well as the work our existing branch teams are doing to increase sales, I wanted to share what we’re doing to make sure we adapt to this growth.

We’re actively developing Midpoint and have made good strides this month in making it fit for growth. We’ve started by expanding the racking to a point that increases our bulk storage and picking locations by 15 per cent – that’s a good chunk for a building of this size.

When I was walking around Midpoint this week, the scale of this extra racking was impressive.

It’s a good chunk for a building of this size and there’s plenty of stock we’ll get in there from floor to ceiling as you’ll see from these photos.

Investing up front in our National Distribution Centre means we know we have the capacity to centrally support the network as we grow the business this year, which we’re on track to do.

The move also shows how committed both Uni-Select and GSF are to investing in what we need to prepare for this growth.

We know our branch teams need the range and availability to take advantage of opportunities with customers old and new, so we’re taking the steps we need to get you what you need.


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