GSF Car Parts rebranding continues

President and COO Mark Eburne shares an update on the GSF Car Parts rebrand

It’s been a busy start to the year, so I wanted you to see the strides we’re making in our rebrand programme.

In fact, we’re actually ahead of schedule on our signage rollout, which we were originally aiming to complete by the summer.

Around a third of the network now has its updated signage and it never gets old seeing the photos of these branches like Sunderland, Blackpool and Liverpool roll in.

Also good to see is the progress we’re making on our vehicles.

By the end of this month we’ll be around halfway through rebrand of the van fleet.

We’re starting to see bigger vehicles benefiting from the rebrand too.

We’ve got some larger transits being rolled out to support targeted growth and our first trailer curtains have just been fitted too.

We’ve now entered a phase of the rebrand where we’re turning our attention to the interior of our branches.

Heathrow and Chester are the first locations we’ve done and they’re looking great.

As we move through the year, we’ll be looking at refreshing and modernising more of our branch interiors in order to improve your working environments.

This rebrand isn’t just about the sign above the door or the wrap on the van – it’s about making this company better across the board, inside and out.

I’m seeing more and more posts on LinkedIn from our people about how proud you are to see the new brand rolling out.

This is fantastic and it’s absolutely justified. We’re on an exciting journey and you’re right to shout about it.


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