GSF Coventry expansion sets up branch for future growth

Branch driver, Tony Gould.

Branch doubles in in size after knocking through to neighbouring unit.

GSF Coventry has knocked through into its neighbouring unit, doubling the branch’s size and parking capacity.

Branch manager at GSF Car Parts in Coventry, Chris Dalton said: “When we just had one unit, everyone was working on top of each other and we just didn’t have the room to properly store the stock we had.

“The team was also split over two offices on different floors, which wasn’t ideal for good communication.

“Now that we’ve literally doubled the size of the branch, it’s given us a lot of potential.”

This year hasn’t been plain sailing for GSF Coventry, with two substantial regular customers going elsewhere and a number of new team members to bed in, but Chris is confident the branch is now in the best position to kick on.

“Losing those two regulars has meant we’ve had to work incredibly hard to strengthen new and existing business, but we know there’s a big pool of customers in this area that we can dip into,” he said.

“The set-up we have now means our stock is more ordered and efficient, which makes picking and delivery quicker. When you’re pushing customer service in a price-orientated area, those improvements really allow you to go out to customers with confidence.”

For driver Tony Gould, it’s the simple things about the new size and space of the branch that make the biggest difference.

Tony said: “Our order bays used to be small, overcrowded and often spilling into each other.

“These decks are now big enough to make it easy and uncluttered when you’re picking.

“Our ABM Terry also did a brilliant job in the months after the extension to get all of the stock a better, simpler and more intelligent order.

“It’s easier and quicker for the team to pick now.”

The warehouse and driver team also have a dedicated canteen and more room for their dispatch area.

Chris added: “We have good targets in place for the next six months and we’re currently working on developing new customer relationships with a view to hosting a big open event next year, so this is less a story of where we’ve come from and more a story about where we can go from here.”


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