Kerry Green celebrates a massive 35 years with the business

From Branch Manager in multiple sites, product management to VeeWee specialist

Over the years Kerry has worked in multiple branches as Branch Manager in Hitchin, Peterborough, and Northants.

After branch life Kerry worked for Richard Windheuser in product management and then moved into VeeWee working for David Atkinson.

The VeeWee part of the business is a specialist shop that deals with parts for VW Beetles and Camper Vans.

Divisional Director Emma Tiernan reminisced on her time working with Kerry: “I started working with Kerry in 2012 when he ran Northants and I was his Area Manager.

“One of the fun times I remember was when we moved the branch to its current location.

“We were working after hours in the snow moving parts over in trolleys and they both toppled over into the road.

“I also recall that when moving the branch I threw all his old stuff in the bin, when I came back the next day he had got it all out ‘just in case’ – he’s a bit of a hoarder.

“Kerry has a fantastic sense of humour, he loves to talk, he’s very loyal and trustworthy, and he has a fantastic reputation within our industry and business.”


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