Morale boost for hospitals, charities and testing centres

SCMF Maidstone, GSF Heathrow, BBC Preston and Allparts Hayes make donations to support key workers.

Branch teams continue to do a great job of offering a morale boost to key workers by delivering snack boxes and treats.

This week Allparts Hayes donated their customer promotion snack boxes to Polaris Medical Services, the local ambulance operator in Slough, while GSF Heathrow donated theirs to Hersham GP Surgery.

Up north, The Children’s Society were grateful recipients of snack boxes from BBC Preston, while down in Kent the team at SCMF Maidstone donated disposable PPE gloves to a local Coronavirus testing centre.

Allparts Hayes Branch Manager Mandy Chana said: “The NHS crew absolutely loved it. They’ve been customers of ours in the past so we rang them up to arrange it and they were really grateful.”


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