National warranty gets Servicesure customer home safely

Servicesure garages provided recovery and repairs for customer returning from France.

The benefits of Servicesure’s national warranty scheme has recently helped a garage member get a customer home safely from France, just before lockdown restrictions were imposed.

PSS Autocentre in north Wales has praised the ease with which Servicesure was able to use its network to provide a recovery and repair service for one of its customers.

“The customer had a clutch kit failure for their Volkswagen when they were travelling home from France, so we found a Servicesure garage close to the docks at Dover and put a call in to the Servicesure team to see if they could help,” said John Willcox from PSS Autocentre Manager .

“The team arranged for Reed Recovery and Repair to retrieve the vehicle and do the work, and they kept us updated throughout.

“All it took was one phone call from us and the Servicesure team sorted it, so it’s a phenomenal example of the national warranty working well.”

Membership fees for Servicesure members were frozen for three months during the lockdown but the network continued to provide all existing benefits as normal.

John added: “We always explain the national warranty to our customers and it’s a fantastic benefit because it gives people the confidence to come to an independent garage.

“Both our customers and I have peace of mind every time.

“When I think about how much it would have cost us to recover that vehicle from Dover ourselves, it clearly shows just how valuable it is to be a Servicesure member.”


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