New pallets boosts capacity and reduces carbon footprint

Logistics team adds 700 new reusable pallets

The Parts Alliance logistics team has introduced 700 new reusable pallets to improve delivery quantity and reduce carbon footprint.

The pallets can be stacked when full, allowing more stock to be transported than when we use traditional cardboard sleeves and bases.

The logistics team are testing the rollout of the pallets using an external courier company, with most being used to deliver stock to branches receiving direct deliveries.

Operations director Dave Lewis said: “These pallets flatten out completely once stock has been delivered and they fit in most vehicles in this form, so they remove the need for branch teams to recycle.

“Instead, they just return the flatpacked reusable pallets via IBT to their RDC as part of the reverse logistics process.

“We’ve had good feedback from branch teams who have received the pallets so far and what’s crucial going forward is for branches to return these reusable pallets promptly back to their RDC, in order for us to get them back in use for the network as soon as possible.”


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