New product range: Vetech Water Pump

GSF Car Parts introduces new Bronze tier in to Water Pump range with 95 part numbers

GSF Car Parts has launched a new range of Vetech Water Pumps that sit in the Bronze tier of its water pump range.

There are 95 part numbers in our Vetech range and these are based on our top-selling Water Pumps in the Graf brand.

The Vetech Water Pumps will be sold in conjunction with GSF’s current offer of Graf (Silver Tier) and INA (Gold Tier), giving more sales scope and choice for our customers.

There are no plans to expand Vetech water pump range with any additional part numbers.

Stock Packs

Branches will receive their branch allocation of the Vetech range stock pack based on their Branch Stock Code (BSC).

Some branches have already received stocks over the last few days and remaining branches will receive their stock packs across January and February.

Part Numbers and AlliCat

The Vetech Water Pump part numbers are set up to mirror the numerical sequence of the Graf Water Pump part numbers. For example, PA938 (Graf) will be VWP938 (Vetech) with a line code of VTH.

Vetech part numbers are listed in AlliCat by an Alternative Link to Graf part numbers.

For Vetech Water Pumps, please identify the Graf Water Pump part number through the vehicle application look-up, then double-click on the Graf part number to see an alternative link to our Vetech part number.

For example: VWP938 is linked to PA938 as shown below in AlliCat:


The warranty on Vetech Water Pumps is one year.

All Vetech Water Pump warranty/returns with paperwork and water pump units must be sent to our Warranty team at Unit-15 of GSF Fort NDC.


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