Penryn supports charity surf event to raise local profile

Sponsored charity surfing event receives great response

The Portreath Slide is an annual bellyboarding social event held at the Cornish coastal village close to TPA Penryn.

The branch donated a £100 gift voucher to spend that a raffle winner could redeem in store and helped to raise more than £1,500 for a local animal shelter.

TPA Penryn Branch Manager Tony Morris (pictured above with organiser Rob Agget and TPA Penryn Driver Katie Morris) said: “The event organiser asked if we wanted to sponsor it again after we were involved last year, when we got a few leads on new customers and some interest from the general public.

“Our Driver Katie Morris and I went down on the day to take part and we also did a leaflet drop with our Partsclub tickets to highlight our Click and Collect offering to the hundreds of people who were there.”


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