Retirement for sales advisor after 25 years

Sales advisor Bryan Gould puts his encyclopaedic parts knowledge out to pasture with well-earned retirement

His reputation for all-caps emails and prolific feedback submission is one that’s rarely matched, but it’s his outstanding knowledge and commitment to customers that Sales Advisor Bryan Gould will be missed for most.

Most recently at SCMF Croydon, Bryan first joined the company in November 1996 and has had five stints at different SCMF branches around the network in the last 25 years.

SCMF Croydon Branch Manager Bill Barrett said: “Bryan was here on day one of the branch opening and he’s been key to a large part of our success thanks to his wealth of knowledge, methodical work ethic and understanding of the trade.

“He loves to challenge and if Bryan knows he’s right then he’ll make sure you know it as well, as I’m sure the Product team would agree when it comes to stock.”

“We’ve got a well-rounded team of Sales Advisors from 20 years old to 64 and all of them look up to Bryan with a huge amount of respect. He’s been an absolute gentleman and he’ll be missed by both the team and his customers.”

Bryan’s comprehensive parts knowledge and penchant for problem-solving has cemented his status as an asset to every team over the years.

Regional Support Manager Alain Pratt said: “He’s a real guru for old vehicles, a proper character and a great guy. He’s respected by his customers because they know he’ll solve a problem and give them a straight answer.”

As for his teammates, sitting near Bryan can often be like working with a walking catalogue.

“Bryan could tell you the part number for some wheel cylinders on a Ford Cortina without pausing for thought if you asked him right now,” said SCMF Sales Advisor Rich Gardiner.

“We’ll really miss him, even his sarcasm and his banter.”

Best wishes to Bryan in his retirement and thank you to Delphi for helping us out with Bryan’s engraved Brake Disc.


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