Servicesure goes karting with Petronas

Petronas-funded events were held in Leeds, Warrington, Birmingham, Watford and Bristol

The Servicesure team has been working with oil supplier Petronas on a series of go-karting events for GSF Car Parts customers.

Each event hosted between 25-30 existing and prospective Servicesure members taking part alongside local GSF team members.

Servicesure sales manager Ben Spencer said: “These events were great to engage our customers, showcasing the Oilsure programme and highlighting Petronas as a brand.

“I’d like to thank the CSMs who were involved, Wyn Jones, Robert Rule, Lee Willis, Nathan Scott, Dave Reynolds and Josh Jones. They have the relationships with the customers and without their input the events would not have been such a success.

“I’d expect us to see the benefits of these events over the coming months, but we’ve already seen prospects sign up to the Servicesure programme and a number of customers have started to purchase their oil from us.”

There were technical presentations throughout the day, giving attendees useful information to take back to their garages.

In between this they were able to take part in some competitive go-karting races, bringing complete novices against well versed racers.

Attendees to the Watford and Bristol events even got to meet some celebrities as part of their day.

CSM Wyn Jones arranged for Olympic medallist Jamie Baulch to attend the Bristol event, and Petronas arranged for influencer and TV presenter Emma Walsh to take part in Watford.

Head of Servicesure Paul Dineen added: “We are starting to see a strong partnering with recognised suppliers and the Servicesure brands, one of which is Oilsure.

“We have more initiatives in the pipeline to help secure additional sales for branch teams whilst maintaining ongoing spends from the customers.”


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