Servicesure hits a century of sign-ups in 2022

GSF Car Parts garage programme reports on continued growth

Servicesure has attracted more than 100 new garages to the network since January, strengthening its national reach with almost 600 quality garages across the UK.

Head of Servicesure Paul Dineen said: “With so many new sign-ups this year, it shows the appetite among our customers to join a network of like-minded garages that benefit from the business building, money saving, training, and standards that are all entrenched within the Servicesure programme.

“These additional customers will not only benefit from all the above, but will also develop their spends with the local branches utilising the tools available to them.

“When they develop as Servicesure members, their loyalty to the branch will increase since you introduced them to the programme.”

CSM Josh Jones shared about signing up MotorServ UK and said: “This customer is a real ‘flagship’ garage to have on board with the Servicesure programme.

“The Solihull Branch manager James had the initial conversation and then we arranged a joint visit.

“We focussed on the main benefits of the programme for that particular customer, in this case that included Brakesure and National Warranty.

“The customer was already offering a ‘brake pads for life scheme’ however this was done under their own cost, he can continue to offer this but through GSF. The National Warranty offer will work really well.”


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