Servicesure plugs-in to EV growth with new IMI-certified training partnership

Member garages quick to sign up for new IMI-accredited qualifications

Servicesure has found new ways to tap into the emerging market of electric vehicle servicing.

As the EV and hybrid aftermarket begins to grow, our Servicesure team have begun raising awareness of the importance of technicians getting qualified to work safely on these increasingly prevalent vehicle types.

The team have partnered with the IMI, Autotech and Our Virtual Academy to offer Servicesure members the chance to be certified for EV through the IMI at training for levels 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Achieving the qualification will ensure each technician is IMI TechSafe registered.

This certifies they are able to work safely with high voltage vehicles and they will be listed on the official IMI Techsafe Register following its launch this Easter.

Head of garage programmes Paul Dineen said: “We know we have a captive audience of proactive and positive business owners in the Servicesure network who are eager to be at the forefront of their industry.

“In the years to come, the market for electric and hybrid vehicle maintenance will grow significantly, so it’s important for those in our industry to have the awareness, understanding and knowledge to be able to work safely on these vehicles.”

Around 21,000 technicians currently hold the level 3 and 4 IMI qualifications required to legally work on EVs. That’s just five per cent of the overall UK aftermarket workforce of 182,000 technicians.

While the volume of servicing and repair work for EVs remains low at present, it will increase significantly in the coming years as more EVs enter the aftermarket.

Paul added: “With some manufacturers – in particular Toyota Nissan, Renault and Hyundai – now on to their second generation of EVs, it’s inevitable that we’ll start to see more of these vehicles arriving at independent garages.

“We know there’s an appetite for awareness and understanding of how this will impact the market, because as soon as we began marketing these EV training courses to Servicesure members, the bookings flooded in.”

The first courses will begin later this year when lockdown restrictions are lifted in England and in-person training can safely resume.


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