Thanet garage goes big on Comma to capitalise on Servicesure Oilsure

GSF Car Parts in Thanet had a great start to the year with an oil order worth more than £8,000.

Branch customer A1 Motorist Centre is a Servicesure member and placed the order following their sign-up to the garage programme’s Oilsure scheme.

Oilsure is an industry-leading warranty programme exclusive to Servicesure members, enabling them to offer national warranty on Comma Oil.

Thanet Branch Manager Peter Westgarth said: “A1’s owner Adam has been thinking about Oilsure for a while and it’s a big step forward in how he’s approaching that part of the business, because it gives him the chance to make more money on oil and improve the quality of what he’s putting into customer’s vehicles.

“What’s great for us at the branch is that Adam committing to a programme like Oilsure means we’ll get progressive orders, not just the big bulk one to get him set up.”

As part of the Oilsure programme, the garage will also get branded display units, promotional material and access to specialist training from Comma.


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