The OE and Brilliantly Bendix customer promo success

The dust has settled on ‘The OE’ and ‘Brilliantly Bendix’ customer promotions ran through February to March at The Parts Alliance, so it’s time to take a look at how they fared.

The OE: Original Experience was a network-wide campaign, including Dingbro branches in Scotland, that focused on service parts and brake pads.

Customers purchasing qualifying products received instant win scratchcards that gave them the chance to win some fantastic prizes, including a VIP trip to Germany to watch the GT Series and a thrilling PalmerSport track day.

The campaign landed well for PAGL with sales of Delphi pads, Comma oil and MANN cabin filters all increasing substantially. Meanwhile in the GSF network, sales of both NGK and MANN cabin filters were considerably higher too.

Julian Goulding, Delphi Northern Europe Marketing Manager, said: “We were delighted by the impact of the OE Promotion and we want to say a big thank you to the branches for the crucial role they played in making this promotion a success.

“As well as boosting sales, it was a great chance for us to engage garages and promote the new blue Delphi Technologies brand to them.

“The combination of branded merchandise prizes and a high-profile top prize worked really well for us.”

Our branches did a fantastic job of promoting the campaign with customers.

In particular, TPA Midsomer Norton and GSF Portsmouth smashed their targets and grew year-on-year sales for qualifying products significantly.

Brilliantly Bendix was a GSF-specific campaign that ran at the same time as The OE and was designed to boost sales of Bendix brake pads.

The promotion did exactly what it set out to do and more, generating significant growth on Bendix brake pads at our GSF branches.

Head of Marketing Simon Moore said: “Overall we exceeded the sales targets we’d set for the products we promoted across The OE and Brilliantly Bendix, which is fantastic.

“We had a great return on these campaigns thanks to the hard work of our branch teams.

“It demonstrated the kind of added value we can offer customers while showing our suppliers just how strong our network is.”


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