Watch: Volkswagen Passat plug-in hybrid DSG fluid change

Step-by-step video guide covers powering down and tools required

In this latest ‘best practice’ video, technical experts from OESAA members, Delphi Technologies and Laser Tools, have teamed up to offer a video guide to technicians changing the fluid in a Volkswagen DSG triple-clutch gearbox on a plug-in hybrid vehicle to guarantee a safe, efficient, and professional job.

Volkswagen’s DSG gearbox is a familiar sight to technicians, but the latest generation fitted to VW plug-in hybrids is an evolution of the existing unit with a triple-clutch design.

The scheduled fluid change intervals are critical to ensuring reliable running, and they prevent expensive repairs later in life.

The procedure also ensures the fluid level is accurate, providing a suitable reserve of fluid while not causing problems due to over-fill.

While the procedure itself is straightforward, it requires a suitable level of skill, tooling and time to complete the job.

That’s why this Delphi Technologies and Laser Tools video is invaluable to understanding the drain and fill methods this sophisticated hybrid vehicle requires.

Delphi Technologies’ video guide includes full details of powering down the hybrid system, including the requisite personal protective equipment (PPE).

Laser Tools offers a wide range of PPE, including arc flash face shields, insulating gloves and pneumatic glove testers.

Laser Tools also offers a full suite of electrically insulated tooling suitable for working on hybrid and electric vehicles.


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