Aftermarket brand reveals its brake discs vastly outperform OE competition in independent testing

Delphi Technologies has revealed that its coated brake disc is more than 30 times more resistant to corrosion than some OE competition.

After a 24-hour test, a plain brake disc had suffered complete corrosion while the Delphi disc endured less wear in 720 hours

Delphi Technologies, the global supplier of aftermarket products and technology solutions, has revealed that its brake disc range is more than 30 times as resistant to corrosion than some OE rivals.

In a statement, the company revealed why their fully coated technique of protecting brake discs is more economical for both garages and consumers. Delphi explained: “Given their makeup, cast iron brake discs are susceptible to corrosion from road salt, dirt and water.

“Many brands claim to offer protection from the elements, but just like the coats we wear – regular, showerproof, storm-proof – there are many different options, each offering different levels of defence.

“Whilst each brand will market these coatings differently, they can be broadly categorised as – plain, painted, partially coated and fully coated – based on the material used and how and where it is applied.

“Plain is, well plain, and offers no corrosion protection.

“After all, it’s plain cast iron and therefore open and vulnerable to anything the road throws at it.

“Painted, is just that – a thin layer of paint.

“And whilst this may look great initially, it is effectively just a disguise (see picture comparison below).

“Just like when you paint a wall at home – any spills or knocks will quickly ruin the effect.

“Partially coated discs offer some protection, however contaminants, especially salt spray during winter months, can quickly and easily penetrate any unprotected surfaces and eat away at the disc.

Full protection

“Which leaves us with fully coated – the approach taken by Delphi Technologies.

“Why? To ensure your discs not only look as good as new for as long as possible, but also perform that way too.

“So Delphi Technologies apply a thin layer of a high performance, water and zinc flake-based Geomet coating to their discs.

“They also coat the entire surface of their discs including the top hat, outer rim, internal veins and friction faces.

“By choosing the best of everything – material and coverage – their fully coated discs offer longer-lasting corrosion protection compared with many painted or partially equivalents, whilst also looking great from behind your alloys.

“Easier to install”

“What’s more, because they have no oil to clean off, they’re easier to both dismount and install, saving valuable labour and service time.

“But what does this really mean in terms of corrosion protection?

“In summary – a lot. To prove it, independent salt spray corrosion resistance tests were performed on the Delphi Technologies disc, the OE equivalent, and five premium aftermarket brands – all fitted to a popular PSA application. The results were profound”

Complete corrosion

After only 24 hours, the OE – a plain disc – and a premium black painted disc had suffered complete corrosion and were withdrawn from the test.

The Delphi Technologies disc, on the other hand, showed moderate red ferrous corrosion in only a few areas, and continued to perform strongly.

Discs after 24 hours of salt spray testing:

OE Oil-Dipped Disc:

Aftermarket brand black-painted disc:

Delphi Technologies Geomet coated disc

Fast forward to the end of the test, and at 720 hours, the Delphi Technologies disc was still less corroded than both the OE and the black painted equivalent at just 24 hours, despite having endured some 700 hours of additional salt spray exposure.

This is the equivalent of many more hours in real-world driving conditions, the company claimed.

Therefore Delphi Technologies urged brands to be mindful that coated discs are not all the same – different brands offer different options with varying degrees of, sometimes huge gulfs in, the protection they offer.

Find out more about Delphi Technologies and its range of products and solutions for the automotive aftermarket by clicking here.


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