Aftermarket supplier Valeo honoured for reducing maintenance costs for fleets

Valeo has been honoured for lowering costs for fleets thanks to various product innovations.

Valeo has been named as 2018 European CV Aftermarket Supplier Company of the Year

Valeo, a manufacturer of aftermarket parts and supplier of service support, has been awarded “2018 European CV Aftermarket Supplier Company of the Year” by Frost and Sullivan during the “Excellence in best practices award banquet ceremony”.

The awards evening took place in London on 20 March, with Frost and Sullivan awarding Valeo the award for exceptional customer service, product knowledge, and warranty packages coupled with product innovations to help reduce maintenance costs for fleets.

The European Commercial Vehicle (CV) aftermarket is experiencing rapid growth, according to Valeo.

At the same time, key challenges are shaping the demand and the complexity of the market.

Regulations tighten, worldwide distribution networks get increasingly powerful, fleet managers focus even more on their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), workshops have to cope with more complex technologies and drivers get more sensitive to comfort.

Valeo has confirmed it is committed to carefully addressing each and every market need either through product innovation, avant-garde value-adding services and efficient digital solutions.

This is what their “We Care for You – Trust the Specialist” promise stands for.

Customer service

When providing their reasoning for awarding Valeo, Frost and Sullivan “believed that excellent customer relationships would empower Valeo”.

The aftermarket brand managed to perform by leveraging an outstanding support to its customers on field or through the digital technology highlighted by Frost and Sullivan with three key features.

Tech’Care programme

At the heart of the customer service at Valeo, the programme consists of technical training, technical promotion, and technical support provided to aftermarket professionals (mechanics and distributors).

Valeo’s team of technical promoters further broadens the customer experience by providing on-field demonstrations of parts and solutions to any problems or queries.

To foster even more rapidly this knowledge, Valeo implemented major e-services.

The Valeo Tech @ssist

The web platform giving free access to all Valeo technical information (fitting instructions, diagnosis, technical bulletins, Fitting videos).

This online tool is a source of technical information that Valeo designed to help technicians quickly search for parts by vehicle type, vehicle identification number (VIN), or product.

Reducing vehicle downtime

As a consequence, workshops are able to reduce vehicle downtime while servicing more efficiently and ensure accuracy when ordering parts at Valeo.

The Valeo Specialist Club

The 100 per cent digital rewards programme for mechanics.

This initiative awards points for scanning Valeo parts.

Valeo has asserted that it has the only rewards programme in the CV space and the only programme that is completely digital, taking only two minutes for account activation.

Rewards for garages

The programme allows garages to sign up using one account or open multiple accounts to reward individual teams.

Launched in Spain in September 2018, Valeo made the programme a success and managed to recruit nearly 1,300 members.

Valeo is now deploying the programme worldwide and sets new rules in terms of customer experience.

Customer experience

Frost and Sullivan believed that Valeo increased customer loyalty and is able to reach new clients through this hands-on approach, which will enable it to gain market share from competitors who are not providing in-person experiences.

Along with on-site experiences (test tracks and plant tours) two unique features made Valeo emerge in comparison to its competitors: two-year warranty and unlimited mileage for CV clutches.

Keeping its customers preoccupations in mind, Valeo has been recognised by Frost and Sullivan for its ability to anticipate regulations and automotive revolutions.

Fuel saving with Euro 6 TH Damper

This Valeo new disc enables a dampening performance increase of 40 per cent, the company claims.

The dampening performance allows an engine speed reduction by up to 200 rpm (rotation per minute), resulting in up to two per cent fuel savings (€650 to €750 per-year, per long haul vehicle).

Electrification with the iBSG System

This energy saving starter-alternator with integrated electronics receives kinetic energy from braking, to store electrical energy – it helps reduce fuel consumption by three per cent to five per cent in medium duty vehicles, and five per cent to 10 per cent in light commercial vehicles, depending on the drive cycle, according to Valeo.

Overall, for exceptional customer service, product knowledge, and warranty packages coupled with product innovations to help reduce maintenance costs for fleets, Valeo earned Frost and Sullivan’s 2018 European CV Supplier Company of the Year Award.

Find out more about Valeo’s award-winning services and product innovations by clicking here.

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