Air2San vehicle sanitiser capabilities highlighted in new TEXA video

Minimise the risk of COVID-19 spread by protecting staff and customers

TEXA has released a new video to demonstrate the capabilities of its Air2San vehicle sanitising machine.

TEXA has developed a product line for automotive industry to eliminate bacteria and viruses.

Thanks to a particular and exclusive procedure that, at the end of the cycle, transforms the ozone into oxygen, TEXA says its AIR2 SAN is the only sanitiser on the market for the automotive industry that guarantees correct air quality before returning the vehicle, in order to protect both the driver and the technician.

In addition, AIR2 SAN is also a great tool for sanitising workplaces.

The Air2San machine operates stand-alone or can be combined with a TEXA diagnostic system.

Key features

  • Completely automated process
  • Dust filter and O2 catalyst
  • Standard ozone, temperature and humidity sensors
  • O3-O2 reconversion at the end of the procedure
  • Compatible with the Axone Nemo
  • Printable service report

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