Autotech Recruit branches into Northern Ireland to meet skills shortage

Specialist recruitment company reports increasing demand for temporary vehicle technicians and MOT testers

Autotech Recruit already operates the industry’s largest network of temporary vehicle technicians and MOT testers, ready to quickly plug workforce gaps in garages, workshops and dealerships across the UK.

Now, following growing demand from Northern Ireland for temporary vehicle technicians, the company is widening its net.

“Empty bays and servicing ramps could cost a garage around £3,000 a day in lost revenue,” Gavin White, MD of Autotech Recruit, explains.

“Employing a temporary vehicle technician is a quick and cost-effective solution to ensure efficiency and productivity is maintained.”

Due to the rise in technically complex vehicles and the introduction of hybrid and electric cars, the skills gap amongst vehicle technicians is increasing.

This is acutely felt amongst all garage owners who are finding it increasingly difficult to fill certain positions.

“Our overriding objective is to keep workshops running.

“We know what it takes to keep a garage working in times of staff shortages, and we have a vast network of temporary vehicle technicians and MOT testers at our fingertips, whose services we can place immediately,” Gavin concludes.

For further information , follow the ‘more details’ link or call 01234 240503.


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