Autotech Recruit spearheads innovative permanent recruitment drive

Autotech Recruit has explained how technicians have the freedom to switch between full and part-time work.

Initiative to offer bespoke projects for individual businesses for large scale or multi-site permanent recruitment

Autotech Recruit has launched a pioneering, large-scale permanent recruitment drive, which is set to deliver multiple technicians across multiple sites, revolutionising the way in which national automotive companies recruit permanent vehicle technicians.

Due to the mass delivery of vehicle technicians, each unique permanent recruitment project is set to be extremely cost effective, with a saving of up to 60 per cent per candidate compared to traditional recruitment methods.

Each project will be based on a dedicated SLA agreement, set out by Autotech Recruit, to deliver a specified amount of vehicle technicians over a set period of time – if they do not deliver the full quota, they will refund a percentage of their fee.

“Cost-effective solution”

Gavin White, managing director at Autotech Recruit said: “This is a major shift in the process of permanent recruitment.

“It is a very cost-effective solution as we are not only putting our reputation on the line, however both parties have a deadline to deliver.”

This innovative approach to large-scale permanent recruitment, which will be an extension of Autotech Recruit’s rapidly growing employment solutions offering, will be managed by a dedicated team of permanent recruitment consultants.

The new service will be headed up by Sue Dixon, who spent almost 20 years within the recruitment division of Mercedes-Benz UK.

Online portal

A bespoke, online portal will underpin each permanent recruitment project and be accessible to all members of the client team during the project lifetime.

The permanent team manage every aspect of the recruitment campaign and, after thoroughly vetting each of the candidates, Autotech Recruit will load CVs onto the portal, with an alert sent to the client.

Gavin added: “Through the portal the employer can immediately access information on a highly suitable candidate, who meets their exact needs based on experience, skill set, location, and job flexibility such as part-time.

This is set to significantly reduce the overall recruitment time.

“Garages and dealerships are suffering from a wide-spread shortage of skilled technicians.

“However, they do not have the time to process CVs and find suitable candidates, while head office HR departments do not have the capacity to recruit for individual employers.”

“Our solution to large scale permanent recruitment is an innovative, semi-automated solution which will provide a consistent recruitment approach.”

For further information about Autotech Recruit, click here.

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