Battery manufacturer launches operations at new factory to meet demand for Start-Stop batteries

Yuasa has launched operations at its new factory to supply demand for Start-Stop batteries.

Yuasa plant will focus on high-performance batteries for vehicles with emission reduction systems too

GS Yuasa, a global producer of automotive batteries, has launched operations at its Inci GS Yuasa lead acid storage battery plant in Turkey, which will help the brand meet demand for batteries including those that incorporate Start-Stop technology.

Over 100 million Turkish Lira has been invested into the construction of the new plant, which is aimed at producing high-performance lead acid storage batteries for environmentally friendly vehicles, such as those with Start-Stop technology and emission reduction systems.

Worldwide demand for these vehicles is set to grow rapidly, and Inci GS Yuasa, a subsidiary of Inci Holding and GS Yuasa, plan to reach production capacity of two million units per year.

Including the output of the existing plant, GS Yuasa aims to reach a total combined production capacity of six million units per-year by 2022.

The new plant, which utilises GS Yuasa’s latest technologies, production methods and quality standards, is a joint venture that endeavours to support continued sales expansion for the GS Yuasa group.

It covers 18,000 square metres and will result in a 25 per cent increase in employment for the subsidiary company.

Supplying demand for Start-Stop batteries

Andrew Taylor, managing director and CEO of GS Yuasa Battery Europe Ltd, said: “This is a significant and major investment for GS Yuasa and one which will provide an excellent technological platform to help meet the increasing performance, quality and supply demands of the automotive markets.”

James Hylton, managing director of GS Yuasa Battery Sales UK Ltd, said: “GS Yuasa’s investment in the advanced technology plant in Turkey is an important milestone.

“It will meet demand for Start-Stop batteries as well as help to reinforce GS Yuasa’s leading position in the global battery market.”

The GS Yuasa Group consists of 65 subsidiaries and 33 affiliates in countries throughout the world.

GS Yuasa will continue to work on further bolstering operations while also striving to respond swiftly to customer needs, the company has confirmed.

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