BGA timing belt kits: quality explained

BG Automotive outlines its quality credentials

Responsible for keeping the engine running and synchronized at all times, the timing belt is one of the most important aspects of an engine.

BG Automotive’s timing belts are manufactured using 100 per cent hydrogenated nitrile butadiene rubber (HNBR), providing exceptional petrochemical resistance and highly operational temperature properties of up to 150°C.

The Belts are extensively tested on their bespoke real-life simulation machines against their OE equivalent for 41days/984 hours of engine simulated bespoke lab testing and examination at BGA’s research and development centre to ensure quality is matched and often surpassed.

A BGA spokesperson said: “BGA belt components uses high temperature lubricants to increase their longevity and OE quality steel springs to provide accurate tension to the belt.

“Bearings included in BGA Timing Belt Kits are manufactured by a well-known OE supplier.

“External contamination is controlled by double rubber shielded seals made from NBR, along with polymer or Teflon coated bushings aiding the control of movement within the tensioner.”

BGA offers an aftermarket alternative to OE, boasting the same quality of components at a much more competitive price, it claims.

The range consists of 419 timing belt kits coving more than 8,000 applications and consistent expansion ensures BGA always have the necessary parts required for any work.

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