Delphi first-to-market brake pads for new Hyundai i10

Expanded braking program covers 99 per cent of Asian applications in European parc on pads and 97.7 per cent on discs

Delphi Technologies has confirmed it achieved ‘first-to-market’ front brake pads for the new Hyundai i10.

A Delphi spokesperson said: “Listen up independent garages, you will want to keep these brake pads stocked and ready to go.

“That’s because previous generation sales in Europe for the i10 reached 565K from 2013 to 2019.

“With sales numbers that high, you’ll be sure to see plenty of these new models on the road soon.

“As an OE manufacturer, we have been following the rapid growth of Asian brands such as Toyota, Hyundai, and Kia at its source.

“That’s why we announced this year our newly expanded braking program that achieves coverage of over 99 per cent of the Asian applications in the European parc on pads and 97.7 per cent on discs.”

To find out more about the Delphi range, please click here.


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