Delphi launches DPF cleaning machine for light and medium duty applications

Hartridge DPF200 Master delivers fast diagnostic and cleaning solution for diesel and petrol particulate filters

Delphi Technologies is leveraging its OE expertise as a global provider of pioneering propulsion technologies, to launch the Hartridge DPF200 Master.

The latest addition to its DPF cleaning range, Delphi says it is quicker, safer and more effective than other cleaning solutions such as detergents and forced regeneration.

With a strong return on investment, this offers workshops a profitable route into the fast-growing cleaning market, and at the same time, another value-added service they can offer their customers.

Lee Jacobs, global strategy and technical product director at Hartridge, said: “With more and more vehicles now fitted with particulate filters, the demand for filter cleaning services is on the rise.

“In Europe alone, there are over 60 million passenger and light commercial vehicles fitted with particulate filters, which will require aftermarket servicing.

“This represents a significant and lucrative opportunity for workshops with the right equipment.”

Using Hartridge’s DPF200 Master, workshops can quickly and safely clean blocked particulate filters.

As well as helping to improve the vehicle’s fuel economy and emissions performance, by significantly extending the filter’s service life, it avoids the need for a complete filter replacement, ensuring a much more cost-effective service, and avoiding unwanted vehicle downtime in the future.

The easy-to-use software built into the machine automatically includes flow testing and unique ‘failed cell’ detection diagnostic steps so that a faulty filter can be identified prior to cleaning, avoiding costly time wasting.

With a patented bi-directional dry air cleaning process that pulses high volumes of compressed air at both ends of the filter, the machine is also faster and safer than alternative cleaning solutions available in the market.

“Cleaning DPFs using detergents risks stripping essential coatings from the filter material inside a DPF and can damage the environment when disposed of. Whereas a forced on-vehicle regeneration is a lengthy procedure and is not always successful,” says Jacobs.

“Thanks to the Hartridge DPF200 Master, motorists can be back on the road with a fully functioning, cleaned filter within the hour, saving valuable labor time and costs.”

“This also means that workshops can clean a high number of filters per day, generating fantastic profit margins, whilst offering a great service for their customers.

“A typical workshop diagnosing and cleaning just four filters a week can see a return on their investment in a DPF200 Master in less than two years.”

The DPF200 Master is designed to be used alongside the DPF300 Master Series to offer a complete provision for passenger, light/medium, and heavy duty DPF cleaning.

For further information about Delphi, click here.


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