Delphi Technologies launches Mode 2 EV charging cables

Cables suited for PHEV and pure EV drivers with short 30-40 mile commutes

Delphi Technologies is making it easier for electrified vehicle owners to charge their car with the availability of new Mode 2 charging cables that connect directly to the existing electrical infrastructure.

Compatible with any domestic mains socket, the new Mode 2 charging cables provide a safe, alternative charging option at home or away.

With household mains sockets being more accessible than dedicated, purpose-bult electric vehicle chargers, the new cables can offer some peace of mind to drivers who suffer range anxiety.

An Auto-Reset provides a restart in the event of a temporary power grid fault, such as excessive voltage or a “brownout” where there is a reduction in or restriction on the availability of electrical power in a certain area.

Although new to the aftermarket, the Delphi Technologies Charge Mode 2 Cables are in serial production at multiple major OEMs.

As with other Mode 2 charging cables, the new Delphi Technologies versions utilise an In-Cable Control- and Protection Device (IC-CPD) to guarantee safe charging when connected to a household plug socket.

The IC-CPD is durable enough to handle whatever nature throws at it and is designed to last over 10,000 mating cycles – which equates to a service life of nine years if used three times a day.

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