DENSO introduces more cabin filter references catering to aftermarket demand

‘Combination filters’ boast additional, activated charcoal layer located inside filtration material

Cabin filter replacement is not only a scheduled service replacement item, but also an important health and safety precaution, which is why original equipment (OE) manufacturer DENSO, continues to increase its aftermarket offering

The most recent new additions, which are available throughout Europe from December 2021, include six cabin pollen filters that cater for 653 applications linked to 12 OE part numbers for several popular European models, as well as the Suzuki Ignis III from 2016 onwards.

Of these new references, DENSO part number DCF595P caters for the largest number of applications as it used in a wide range of models in the Renault/Nissan line up, including the Dacia Duster, Logan and Sandero, Nissan Micra and Note and Renault Clio III, Modus, Twingo II and Wind, all from 2002 onwards.

There are also references for both the BMW X3 (2010-2018) and X5 (2006-2019), as well as one for Audi A4, A5, A6, A7,A8, E-Tron and Q5 (2015 onwards) and for the Ford Transit (V363), from 2012.

Designed to remove pollutants such as dust, pollen, smog and mould spores from the air that comes through the vehicle’s heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system, cabin filters have found a renewed importance in the fight against respiratory illnesses, as they make a major contribution towards protecting the occupants from these potential health threats.

As a result, despite being traditionally considered as a seasonal product, the cabin filter has now become an all-year-round replacement requirement, particularly as using the HVAC system whatever the season, is finally being accepted as not only the best course of action for the well-being of the vehicle’s occupants, but also for the performance and longevity of the complete air conditioning system.

In order to provide the independent sector with the highly effective OE quality replacement components it needs, DENSO Aftermarket offers two types of cabin air filter: standard particle filters and combination filters, which have an additional, activated charcoal layer located inside the filtration material.

DENSO particle filters are manufactured using a high-quality non-woven fleece material that has up to five individual layers, which offer exceptional protection from dust, soot, pollen and particles.

They also feature a high-capacity dust-holding chamber that keeps pollutants away from the vehicle’s interior.

However, DENSO combination filters are even more effective, blocking particles that are 1,000 times smaller than a human hair and capable of removing up to 25 per cent more major pollutants than standard particle filters, which don’t contain the activated carbon media.

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