Engine Oils for Hybrid Vehicles From Comma

Stricter environmental regulations to reduce CO2 emissions are putting an ever-increasing pressure on vehicle manufacturers to produce vehicles that don’t fall foul of the requirements.

With that, EV and Hybrid vehicle sales are growing year on year with a staggering 343% increase in 2020 versus the previous year and the Tesla Model 3 being the highest selling vehicle in December of the same year.

It’s therefore little wonder that according to engine oil manufacturer Comma, 23% of the garage technicians surveyed recently* stated that the growth of EV and hybrid vehicles would be the biggest issue they face in the next three years. What was once the next generation’s issue is very much a here and now one.

With a fine line between reducing emissions without losing power/longevity of the battery, hybrid vehicles are widely considered to be a perfect balance between the standard combustion engine and the fully electric models. The electric motor will generally be used when the combustion engine comes under enhanced loads and pressures, like when accelerating. By switching the power source, it allows the vehicle to act much more efficiently, therefore reducing the CO2 emissions.

Whilst many believe the requirement for engine oils will decrease, it has in fact allowed for an increase in very vehicle specific, sometimes niche grades for each vehicle’s requirement. This is due to the vehicles still using, in part, the combustion engine where oil is, and always will be, absolutely essential. Not only that but the stop-start demand on these vehicles makes it increasingly important to make sure the right products are used, within the necessary guidelines.

“With EV and Hybrid vehicle sales growing year on year, it’s now more important than ever that workshops are prepared to support the servicing demands with the correct products available,” explains Comma Sales and Marketing Director, Mike Bewsey. “We pride ourselves on ensuring the latest technology grades are available and have developed oils specifically for hybrid plug-in and hybrid-electric cars.”

The Eco-T oil is a fully synthetic 0W-16 grade, whilst the Pro-NRG oil is a fully synthetic 0W-20 grade, which can be used for servicing hybrid cars. Both grades are available from The Parts Alliance. The Comma range of Performance Motor Oils is OE approved, covers 99% of the vehicle car parc and is backed by their 100% compatibility guarantee, when using CommaOil.com.

Comma are participating in The Parts Alliance current Original Experience promotion. Throughout March garages will receive a scratch card with every 5L bottle of Comma Performance Oil.

There’s the chance to win a variety of prizes, such as snack boxes, t-shirts, mugs, cool bags and chocolate bags with each card. The top prize is a Red Letter days experience, in which the lucky winners can enjoy their choice of experience such as supercar driving, spa day, hot air ballooning, a hotel stay and much more. 

To find out more about the Original Experience promotion visit www.theoe.co.uk


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