Essential advice for vehicle owners during lockdown

Motorists encouraged to maintain battery health, keep tyres inflates and have spare bulbs at the ready

Ring Automotive has this week released essential advice for motorists during the lockdown to ensure vehicles remain roadworthy.

It encourages motorists to maintain their battery health, keep tyres inflated and have a spare bulb kit on hand for when isolation measures get lifted.

Battery health

Battery failure is the number one reason for a call out from breakdown services across Europe.

With so much technology integrated into the design of newer vehicles, even when cars are parked, constant consumption from the likes of central locking and navigation systems are increasing the energy demands, placing additional strain on batteries.

Henry Bisson, marketing manager at Ring Automotive, said: “If you do have to use the car during the periods of lockdown, the likelihood is that the journeys will be much shorter than usual, and so not enough charge can be placed back into the battery.

“This means that over time, these frequent small journeys will flatten your battery a lot faster than normal.

“The best way to ensure your car makes it through long-term storage, or significantly reduced usage, is to keep it topped up by using a Ring smart battery charger.

“It is the most effective method of preventing the energy-sapping functions from draining your battery.”

A smart charger not only adds charge but, due to the float mode, it can be left safely connected on a permanent basis, compared to traditional trickle chargers.

For owners that have on-street parking or live in an apartment block, Ring says a lithium jumpstarters can offer a convenient lightweight solution, removing the need for road-side assistance or to jumpstart from a second car.

As they are rechargeable, once used they can be reused for another time.

Ring’s lithium jump starters also act a mobile powerbanks for keeping mobile phones and other electrical devices charged in case a need arises.


Moving on to tyres, Henry added: “Tyres are the only point of contact with the road, and as such, it is vital that they are in good condition for optimum road handling.

“Inflate your tyres to the maximum recommended pressure found on their sidewall, as they will lose pressure over time, even if they’re not being used in motion.

“Running on tyres with reduced tyre pressure will increase fuel consumption and wear and tear on the tyres, resulting in a significant rise in your overall motoring costs.

“If left for a long period with air pressure continually leaking out, this can lead to flat spots and your tyres losing their round shape, especially if they are older.

“If you are uncomfortable about visiting a petrol forecourt during this time, then it is worth investing in your own compact tyre inflator.”

Ring’s RTC range of tyre inflators allow motorists to quickly and accurately inflate tyres to the correct pressure, all from the comfort of their home.


Henry said: “Bulbs are a safety-critical component and it’s a good idea to have spare bulbs for your car at all times.

“But as more shops face staff shortages and closures, you might struggle to find the correct bulbs for your car at short notice.

“Make sure your vehicle is roadworthy for those essential journeys by buying a bulb kit for your vehicle.

“You don’t want to fall foul of the law as you may be prosecuted if your car is deemed unsafe, which it will, if you don’t have properly working lights.”

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