Extra 20 years needed to ban sale of petrol and diesel vehicles, motorists say

Drivers show significant lack of confidence in UK’s ability to meet 2030 ban

Two thirds of motorists show a real lack of confidence in the UK meeting the government’s ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030, new research shows.

Commissioned by, Spark EV Technology, the in-depth study of a thousand targeted motorists also revealed that over half of UK motorists are concerned they don’t have charging facilities where they live, while 64 per cent state having reliable information about how much battery charge is left, would be very important when thinking about buying a new electric vehicle.

It found that most drivers believing it would be 2052 by the time the country would realistically be ready for such a ban.

Justin Ott, CEO and founder of Spark EV Technology, said: “If the UK is serious about banning new petrol and diesel vehicles we need politicians to step in and address the barriers holding people back from driving an EV.

“EVs need to be affordable and drivers need to have the confidence that they have enough range to reach their destination and that they will have access to the equipment to re-charge their vehicle when they need to.”

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