Fast-charge inspection lamps in demand by technicians

Ring highlights MAGflex lamp range

The rechargeable and cordless MAGflex Slim Fast Charge LED Inspection Lamp (RIL4300) and MAGflex PRO Fast Charge Inspection Lamp (RIL4200) from Ring Automotive’s award-winning MAGflex range offer technicians greater versatility in the workshop.

When developing its product range, Ring aims to solve common problems for technicians, and the aftermarket specialist recognised that inspection lamps currently take too long to charge.

Developing faster charging inspection lamps means that technicians can regularly top up the charge when convenient, thereby reducing downtime and the need for multiple products to be charged simultaneously.

From flat, the lamps take only one hour to fully recharge, giving three hours operating time.

The real benefit though is how quickly it is to top up.

15 minutes of charge can provide an extra 35 minutes of operating time, so when it is time for a tea break, the lamp can be put on charge, and during the course of the day it will always be ready.

The official recordings from flat are: a five-minute charge lasts 25 minutes but on low lumens; a 10-minute charge lasts 30 minutes with low lumens for the last half; a 15-minute charge lasts 35 minutes while sustaining high lumens; a 30-minute charge lasts 90 minutes; and a 60-minute charge lasts for 180 minutes.

Designed for professional technicians, both lamps are hard wearing and allow users to shine a light in the darkest of places as a result of broad illumination.

They also come complete with magnets and hooks for handsfree working.

Rechargeable and cordless, the inspection lamps eliminate messy wires and allow the user to move around the workshop freely.

They are supplied with the latest Type-C USB Charge cable for secure fitment.

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