Fell the difference and give your knuckles a rest

The bar has been raised by Teng Tools

A good socket set is one of the most important things to have in your tool collection. Do not try and get away with skimping to save some cash in the short term when choosing a socket set. You can guarantee that when you choose Teng Tools you will not be let down!

TengTools range of Mecca Pro™ socket sets are built to withstand the demands of any busy garage or workshop. These shockproof and durable cases have been tested in the toughest environments around the world and are trusted by professionals who need a socket set that is easy to transport and robust enough for the most challenging tasks.

Rubber feet on the base of the box keep it secure on the surface while you work. A retractable handle, designed to carry the set comfortably, and a secure click-lock mechanism ensures the lid stays closed while being transported, make the Mecca Pro™ socket sets ideal for users who need a socket and toolset that is easy to bring to the job and keeps your tools organised while you are on the go.

All tools have their specific place in each set and are clearly marked on the box making it easy to identify every tool and to spot if anything is missing. So the frustration of wasting time searching for that 10mm socket can be a thing of the past. 

Finding the right ratchet can be a challenge. It needs to feel like an extension of your hand and give you the confidence and control to get the job done. What is more frustrating than a ratchet slipping while you work and ending up with bruised knuckles?

The TengTools FRP ratchet range has been tested to withstand 30% more torque than the industry standard. With a 45 teeth ratchet mechanism, giving you 8° intervals between clicks, and a quick-release mechanism that makes it possible to release sockets and accessories with one hand, these ratchets are built to maximise your efficiency. The ratchet handle is fully covered in fibre reducing the risk of scratching a surface while you work or causing damage if it is accidentally dropped. The bi-material handle with an ergonomic design makes the ratchet very comfortable to use, especially in cold environments.

When you Get Organised with TengTools you spend less time searching for tools and more time using them. Job satisfaction guaranteed!

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