Garage now able to offer ‘complete service’ after double clutch systems training session

Garage utilised a Schaeffler REPXPERT to improve its service offering and business potential.

The owner of an independent workshop has thanked Schaeffler REPXPERT after the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) delivered LuK double clutch training, which helped him access a lucrative business opportunity.

Prior to REPXPERT Alistair Mason’s visit to Wiseman Motor Services last year, the workshop was unable to diagnose or replace double clutch systems; therefore, Matthew Wiseman, the workshop’s owner, was forced to turn away work and vital revenue.

Needed to upskill team

Frustrated at being unable to carry out repairs to double clutch vehicles, Wiseman turned to Schaeffler. He explained: “Vehicles requiring double clutch servicing were becoming more frequent, so I knew that we had to upskill our team to carry out the necessary repairs; the staff and I needed the training to be able to diagnose and repair the problems.

“Asking for the training was very easy, as we already had access to the REPXPERT portal.

“We did some research; the knowledge base was there, contact details were simple to locate, so I made the call and the team could not be more accommodating.”

Five months on from delivering the double clutch system training, Mason returned to find out how effective the training was, and was delighted to discover that it was being put into practice.

Can confidently carry out repairs

Wiseman added: “All of our team now have the confidence and knowledge to correctly diagnose any issues and carry out a repair – using the correct parts and tooling – with the comfort of knowing that the excellent REPXPERT portal is there should we need any technical help.

“Having Schaeffler as a back-up is pivotal for us.”

Schaeffler has said they attempt to deliver independent technicians with a ‘complete repair solution’ – including OE parts, tools, training, brochures and videos – which helps build trust between a paying customer and workshop.

Vital independents have right skills

On the issue of training, Wiseman said it was vital that independent workshops’ staff are given the right skills – he added: “We want to be able to offer a complete service, not have to turn down repairs, so we can keep our customers happy and run an improved business.

“Having the right training means we are always in the loop.”

Schaeffler said it is essential that Wiseman and his staff, as well other independent technicians, are kept up-to-date and informed about recently-launched technologies and innovations.

These include pulley decouplers for front-end auxiliary drive systems and thermal management units – as well as those yet to come, such as iARC (Intelligent Active Roll Control) stabilisation systems.

No cost

Mason added: “Through regular workshop visits, such as this one to Wiseman Motor Services, technical training events and the REPXPERT portal, Schaeffler will continue giving its customers the best service it can – all at no cost to workshop owners or technicians.”

Schaeffler is a supplier to the automotive industry of components and systems for engines, transmissions and chassis.

REPXPERT members can access online and live training, installation videos, technical guides and Schaeffler product-related TecRMI data.

As with the training, REPXPERT registration is completely free.

Find out more information on Schaeffler REPXPERT by clicking here.


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