Garage survey shows “concerning” lack of battery awareness

Garage owners urged to ensure all technicians undergo battery training

Yuasa Batteries has described the results of a recent GW reader survey as “concerning” and is calling on independent garages to ensure they’re up to speed on the latest battery technology.

The survey results showed that 63 per cent of participants did not know what battery state of charge and state of health is.

What’s more, 52 per cent were unaware of the reasons battery failure is more common in the winter and eight per cent didn’t know what the minimum voltage of a lead acid battery must be at prior to installation.

A spokesperson for Yuasa Batteries told GW Views: “These results replicate what we see out in the workshop at the beginning of our training events.

“It is obvious that there are some concerning knowledge gaps when it comes to batteries.

“An understanding of batteries is essential for all technicians in order to ensure that batteries are stored and fitted correctly.”

Kwik Fit battery blunder

It was reported earlier this year that a self-employed driving instructor claimed to have been left out of pocket after Kwik Fit fitted the wrong battery to her start-stop equipped car on two occasions.

Yuasa has advised garage owners to ensure all technicians undergo battery training.

“This not only improves customer service by ensuring batteries are installed correctly and fitted in the best possible condition, but also saves time and money, and improves health and safety,” the spokesperson explained.

The online GS Yuasa Academy ensures technicians across the country have access to high quality training which is delivered in bite sized chunks which technicians can complete in their own time and at any location.


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