GS Yuasa ‘Powering What Matters’ advertising campaign hits TV screens nationwide

Manufacturer to promote its primary brand, whilst continuing to market its world-renowned Yuasa and GS ranges

Centred around a 40 second television advert, the nationwide advertising campaign explores the world of GS Yuasa through the eyes of 6-year-old Isabella and her mother as they go about their day noticing the many exciting applications powered by the battery manufacturer.

Launching today (Monday 17 January) it will be carried by the likes of ITV, Absolute Radio, YouTube, social media and digital billboards across the UK and highlight the vast range of applications that utilise GS Yuasa batteries.

Powering What Matters touches on the diverse range of markets served by the Japanese based manufacturer, which is larger than any other producer or supplier.

From starter batteries to satellites – GS Yuasa enable everyday life for millions of people around the world.

In fact, they are the preferred choice for vehicle, motorcycle and industrial batteries due to their superior quality, reliability and performance.

GS Yuasa also manufacture Yuasa and GS branded products.

Moving forward the manufacturer will now promote its primary brand, whilst continuing to market its world-renowned Yuasa and GS ranges.

James Hylton, managing director of GS Yuasa Battery Sales UK said: “We’re incredibly proud of the difference our batteries make in enabling the everyday lives of millions of people around the world.

“Powering What Matters celebrates this and brings the GS Yuasa name to the forefront of our activities for the first time.”

“We wanted to explore the enormous breadth of applications we power.

“From exploring the deepest depths of the ocean to the International Space Station 250 miles above earth – our batteries are the number one choice for millions of applications around the world.

“These days almost all battery manufacturers make similar claims, however we can go one step further with a message that is unique to us.”

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