How Schaeffler’s making workshop life easier

REPXPERT to play an increasingly important role in providing specialist tools and repair support

Cars are continuing to evolve, becoming more powerful, more environmentally friendly, more comfortable, and safer.

At the same time, they are becoming more complex, and with each new innovation, independent workshops have to familiarise themselves with yet more technology.

That is why it’s good to have a partner like Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket on their side, because the company’s objective is to make things easier for them and their customers, despite all the complexity involved.

‘Convenience’ is one of the key focus points of Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket’s strategy designed to shape the future of the independent aftermarket.

However, is convenience really possible at a time when both cars and the replacement parts they need are becoming steadily more complicated?

As digitalisation and electric mobility gains ground and the number of repairs and services requiring special expertise and tools continues to grow, along with the pressure on workshops to work profitably and efficiently?

It is a challenge, but one that can be overcome with system expertise and market knowledge, explains Jens Schüler, President GKAM, Global Sales & Marketing, Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket: “Schaeffler is a renowned specialist and innovator in the powertrain, engine and chassis segments, and a leading global development partner for vehicle manufacturers.

“Our Automotive Aftermarket division is a longstanding and reliable partner that provides support and inspiration to the independent aftermarket and independent workshops.

“There is no organisation better placed than we are to provide the right answers to important questions the future of car servicing.”

Tapping into new trends, along with preparing for them in advance, is essential for the long-term success of a workshop.

Schaeffler is therefore working on solutions that allow workshops to participate in new trends, by helping shape the process of digitalisation for example.

“We consider digitalisation to be an opportunity to support complex repair procedures on-site and intensify the dialogue with our customers worldwide,” says Schüler.

REPXPERT will play an increasingly important role in this context, as the Schaeffler service brand provides workshop professionals with appropriate special tools and repair support, not just via traditional channels like personal training and hotlines, but increasingly through digital formats such as virtual installation instructions and training sessions.

At the same time, Schaeffler is helping to ensure that independent workshops do not lose out on the opportunities offered by electric mobility.

For example, the company has its sights set firmly on the independent aftermarket as it develops e-axles and hybrid modules for electric vehicle manufacturers all over the world.

When electric vehicles become relevant for the independent aftermarket, Schaeffler will be ready with an aligned portfolio of repair solutions and services to support workshops, solutions that will make it easy for garages to benefit from the increasing prevalence of electric vehicles, allowing them to tap into this new segment and thus secure a profitable future for their business.

Information on Schaeffler products, fitting instructions, labour times and much more can be found on the REPXPERT workshop portal, the REPXPERT app, or by calling the Schaeffler REPXPERT hotline on 0872 737 0037.


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