How to find mechanic jobs in 2019 – Autotech recruit releases its advice

Autotech Recruit has explained how technicians have the freedom to switch between full and part-time work.

Recruitment company has explained how mechanics can easily switch between full-time and contract work

Autotech Recruit, a recruitment agency for the automotive aftermarket, has advised technicians about how they can go about finding roles that suit their needs, and revealed how it provides a bespoke individual service.

Explaining how technicians can support themselves find the employment that suits them, Autotech confirmed it offers a niche support service that exclusively supports job seekers in the automotive aftermarket.

They said: “Our advice is simple: turn to a reputable recruiting agency like Autotech Recruit, who is skilled and experienced in the automotive aftermarket job market and mainly focused on the positions for vehicle technicians and MOT testers.

“Here at Autotech Recruit, we pride ourselves on the fact we’re able to help the fantastic vehicle technicians and MOT testers of the UK find the right work in the right place for them.

“Whether you are looking for a permanent role or searching for temporary contract placements, there are many reasons why you should search for your next automotive role through us.”

Reasons for choosing Autotech

Reasons why Autotech Recruit has said technicians and testers should utilise their services:


Step by step support from your own regional consultant.

We’re always happy to answer any questions you have relating to qualifications or documentation, or in fact, any questions at all.

You will have their mobile number on hand to call or text if you need their advice.


With us, you will have the freedom to choose between working as a contractor or taking up a permanent role – if you ever decide that freelance work isn’t for you, we’ll find a permanent role to suit your needs, and the other way round.

We work with hundreds of automotive clients in the UK, including top brands like BMW, Ford and Volvo, who trust us with the recruitment for both their contract and permanent roles.

We speak your language:

Our team of consultants have all got automotive industry experience (some of them are even former vehicle technicians and service advisors), so we understand the reality of working in a workshop environment and nothing surprises us.


Access to industry accredited training courses to enhance your knowledge in a wide variety of areas including electric vehicles and MOT test centre management.

Should job seekers choose to work as a contract vehicle technician or MOT tester with Autotech Recruit, the company has revealed they will also have access to a number of alleged benefits.

They added: “Technicians can gain experience in a number of different working environments, from independent garages and fast-fits through to main dealer groups.

Freedom to choose working hours

“Also, a freedom to choose what days you’d like to work; your work-life balance is in your hands.

“Where Autotech Recruit is different from other recruitment agencies is that we are almost entirely focused on vehicle technician and MOT tester roles, and know this market inside out.

“Our support doesn’t just stop when you find a role, our team of expert regional consultants are there for you every step of the way to ensure you’re getting the most out of your career.”

To find out more about Autotech Recruit and its recruitment opportunities, click here.


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