How to overcome the “skills shortage” in your workshop

Improve recruitment process, outsource temp jobs, develop existing workforce and build next gen techs, Autotech Recruit reports

Autotech Recruit has revealed what it describes as four strategies to help overcome talent shortages.

It says a “fully rounded” approach which involves garage owners improving recruitment practices, outsourcing skills for busy period, developing the existing workforce and helping to build the next generation of workshop talent.

The recruitment specialist encourages automotive businesses to adopt a bespoke recruitment or risk greater expense and even repeated efforts to find the right person for the role.

Once employed, upskilling staff should be a critical component within the strategy, according to Autotech Recruit.

A spokesperson said: “Today, technicians need continual training to ensure they have the relevant ability to service technologically advanced vehicles.

“What’s more, vehicle technicians are increasingly seeing training as an employment package must-have.”

Temporary recruitment

Autotech Recruit says combining permanent staff with outsourced temporary workers who can help cover shortfalls in labour and is a profitable solution.

“Having a good understanding of periods of time when the business may need additional support is vital and having the ability to plan for these occasions and tap into outsourced resource could add thousands to your bottom line.”

Finally, garages are being encouraged to create training and apprenticeship opportunities in a bid to sustain the future of the automotive industry.

Concluding, the spokesperson said: “The automotive industry is yet to shake off the ‘skills shortage’ label which has plagued it for years.

“A lack of understanding of the evolution that the industry has gone through, the departure of retiring baby boomers and under-investment in education of motor mechanics, have all played a role in this shortage.

“Nonetheless, each automotive business, regardless of size, can reduce the skills gap, while reaching its full potential by implementing an effective recruitment plan.”

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