Hyundai launches new fuel cell system brand

‘HTWO’ set to accelerate hydrogen development

Hyundai Motor Group has announced the launch of its new dedicated fuel cell system brand, ‘HTWO’.

Building upon Hyundai’s 20-plus years of experience in hydrogen fuel cell technology, the new brand will help facilitate Hyundai’s global fuel cell business and grow the hydrogen ecosystem.

Hyundai Motor Group is stepping up efforts for the development of a next-generation hydrogen fuel cell system that can be applied to various forms of mobility such as UAM, automobiles, vessels and trains.

Its next-generation fuel cell system will be available for many different mobility products and services and promises to deliver enhanced performance at an affordable price.

The group aims to offer a highly efficient and diversified lineup of hydrogen-powered vehicles.

Hyundai Motor Group has expanded its fuel cell system business, accelerating development of a hydrogen society and laying the foundation for the company’s HTWO brand, with initial focus on major hub regions – Korea, the United States, Europe and China.

Since marketing the world’s first mass-produced fuel cell electric vehicle ix35 in 2013, the group has been expanding its vehicle offerings powered by its fuel cell system such as Hyundai NEXO SUV, XCIENT Fuel Cell heavy-duty truck and a fuel cell electric bus, as zero-emission mobility solutions.

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